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マネタイズの問題でいえば個人ライブ配信をする人たちは投げ銭機能で収益を得るケースがあります。例えば YouTubeやライブにはスーパーチャットがありますが配信者に対して金銭が投じられたりアイテムが購入されることで配信者に対していくらかの収益が支払われたりするなどその方法は様々です。

 YouTube が広告収入で収益を得ているのと同じように最近ではライブ配信をすることで収益を得る人が増えています。個人の場合はこうしたマネタイズの手段ができていますが企業ではなかなか収益に繋がらず辞めてしまった企業も少なくありません。


As a result of the Corona disaster, people are unable to go outside and events have been cancelled, such as live music performances in halls, various events, seminars held in rental conference rooms, fitness yoga held in indoor studios, and other places where people spend their leisure time and self-improvement, as well as school classrooms and even corporate workplaces. Even in school classrooms and corporate workplaces, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to gather in one place.
This is where the shift from the real world to the online world comes into focus. Online learning has been explored in school classes, and companies have been using zooming and other methods to make the most of online work.
However, I believe that the world of live streaming is changing towards the realization of hybrid delivery that combines online and real life.
As for the issue of monetization, there are cases where individual live streamers can earn money by using the "pay as you go" function. For example, there are super chats on YouTube and Live, and there are various ways to earn money by throwing money at the streamer or by purchasing items for the streamer.
In the same way that YouTube earns money from advertising, more and more people are earning money from live streaming. While individuals have this means of monetization, companies have not been able to make money from it and many of them have quit.
However, thanks to the Corona disaster, companies are once again looking for ways to monetize by utilizing corporate live streaming. The idea of earning revenue by selling tickets instead of just throwing money at the event is something that is just now starting to happen. Although it costs money for equipment, etc., to do live streaming, I think it is a good thing to earn money by shifting to online.

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