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In the past couple of years, I have been receiving requests from many places to incorporate live streaming.
There are more and more situations where corporate executives want to utilize live streaming for their marketing and branding activities.   
 The term "live streaming direction" is probably unfamiliar to you.
What it actually does is planning and management.
 It involves planning, approaching, and then managing the project. The first step in directing live streaming is to listen to the client's needs, but there are many cases where the client does not have a solid plan yet.
 In some cases, the person in charge is not familiar with video or live streaming, regardless of the size of the company, so we have to explain the characteristics of what video is and what possibilities live streaming has.
 Then, from the standpoint of a director, I will make proposals for utilization on a case-by-case basis.
 The live streaming direction is the key position to design the contents and manage the progress. It is very important to communicate with the client and collaborate with partners in each specialized field.

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