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Project Egao


Ultrahack 2017 Sprint II / Health Hack

by increase smiles, contribute to recover from dementia. This should also contribute to reduce the workload of surrounding people and stress

##Project Egao

###Ultrahack 2017 / Open Due to aging society, Dementia is becoming a serious problem. 6 million patients need to be taken care by families, hospitals and/or adult care facilities. As a result, their workload and stress are increasing rapidly. Egao means smile. Smile implies many things. The idea is to analyze the smile of elderly people and provide them with a solution to have more smiles. I developed the product to help alleviate the symptoms of dementia as well as to reduce the workload and the stress of those taking care of the patients.

####Problem Longevity used to be a dream for humans, and now the dream is coming true. We want to have long and healthy lives, but many elderly people are suffering from different diseases related to aging. Dementia is a typical brain disease, and currently there are approximately 6 million patients in Japan alone. This is not a problem only for the patients, but their families, hospitals and/or adult care facilities as well. The workload and stress are becoming one of the most serious issues in the modern society.

####Solution From our preliminary research, we have come to understand that certain video contents seem to offer a solution against dementia. When the patients watch their favourite movies or music, or content that is funny and interesting, they often react with smile, just like people without dementia. Egao detects the patients' smiles and analyzes them by machine learning. By checking the characteristics of each smile, Egao will then recommend the kind of contents that will be most suitable to each patient.

#####Egao offers:

  • detailed data and categorization of each smile.
  • history of smile characteristics in line with contents
  • recommendation of suitable contents (movie, music performance etc. ) ####Benefits: Egao is to alleviate the symptoms of dementia. Moreover, Egao is to reduce the burden of taking care of the said patients (family and nurses). As a result, Egao reduces the cost of healthcare by families and government. ####Market opportunities
  • Japan Number of dementia patients: 6.7 millions Number of adult care facilities: 100,000 Targets are the said facilities. I will approach approximately 40,000 facilities in Japan.
  • World The number of dementia patients in the world is about 47 million. By 2050, the number is said to triple.
  • Similar diseases There are similar diseases such as the Parkinson disease. Although I have not yet tried it with the relevant patients, I suppose that this will be another potential market. ####Business model
  • Initial installation cost : 2000 Euro + 25 Euro/motion sensor
  • Monthly Payment : 200 Euro (including an event)
  • Further options are available (customized reports etc.)

Try it out

Built with: Azure,Google tensorflow,


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