" iPS cells "List,ja

iPS 細胞 第29回 日本医学会総会 2015 関西

「第29回 日本医学会総会 2015 関西」(会頭:Hiroo Mr. Kyoto University Professor Emeritus Imura) will be held in the Kansai whole area in the center of Kyoto. To be held in Kobe Port Island on March 28 to April 5 days "Future Medical XPO'15". At the exhibition of the so-called "hands-on", it looks like it will provide a great opportunity to be touched latest of medicine and medical care, to science. Such future physicians most of the attention in XPO'15 the real exhibition of "iPS cells". It is expected to play an important role in regenerative medicine is "iPS cells", what is widely open to the public in a living state is the first time that. Those who read this article was also read the following articles,ja: 博多郵便局 AR勉強会 阿蘇にいってきました

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